What not to pack for your ski holiday

Writen by Lindsay.

It’s the exciting part. After months of planning, saving and religiously checking the snow report, it’s time to pack your suitcase. You’ve gathered together all the essentials, booked your ski lessons and planned your outfits to the finest detail, and all that’s left is to figure out is how it’ll fit in the case. The chances are you’re packing too much.

Here’s a quick guide of what you really won’t need:

Too many clothes
It’s easy to get carried away. You don’t want to be too cold or leave your favourite jumpers at home, but you’ll be surprised how few clothes you actually need. It’s all about light layers while you’re skiing, so forget the bulky woollens and invest in some good base layers and a mid-layer instead. Pack smart, and you’ll cut the weight of your case dramatically.

Party outfits
You may be planning on partying through the night on your trip, but trust us, you won’t be donning the same glad rags you’re used to at home. It’s too cold for your favourite party dress and you’ll soon see that everyone else has adopted a much more casual look. Throw in one smarter outfit for any nice meals, and remember, it’ll probably be accompanied by ski jacket and boots.

Smart shoes
As with the above, unless you’ve got a specific event to attend, leave these behind. They’re impractical for the snow and ice underfoot, and you’ll be wasting unnecessary space in your luggage. Slippy soles with no insulation equal danger and cold feet.

Hair dryer and straighteners
When you’re alternating between a helmet, beanie hat and bed, there’s no need to take time to tame your hair. Embrace the opportunity to give your hair a break from the heat. Good hair won’t make you a better skier, but that extra half an hour in the morning is worth its weight in gold.

With the advent of the tablet and the smartphone, there’s just no need for a hefty laptop in your bag. Anything you may want it for can be done on a sleek handheld tablet. Whether it’s watching movies, browsing through the day’s photographs or making all your friends at home jealous with a social media post, your tablets got it covered. Leave your laptop at home where it won’t be in danger of damage and you can take some time out to recharge yourself instead.

If you’re bringing your own skis or snowboard, the last thing you’ll feel like doing on arrival is getting the iron out to wax them. Either get it done before you leave home, or drop them at the nearest hire shop as soon as you arrive. They’ll get them done for you ready for your first day on the slopes, while you kick back and celebrate the beginning of your holiday.

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