Off-piste Skills & Development

There really is no greater experience than learning how to ski off-piste. The sense of adventure and heightened moments of exhilaration as you search out and then descend the fresh snow rarely disappoints even the most experienced of snowsports enthusiast.

Our team of instructors can introduce you to this area of our sport and help you learn all about staying safe as you venture off the beaten track. No other area of skiing requires such a solid grounding in the safety aspects to keep yourself and other mountain users free from harm. If you are a strong intermediate or an advanced skier, we provide a package that will help you learn all about this truly exciting alternative to skiing on the main slopes.

It is necessary to have the correct equipment and as a minimum we insist that all clients must have appropriate skis, a transceiver, shovel and probe. For sessions involving a greater exposure to risk we also require all clients to have an Airbag system. We can provide all of this equipment on a cost price rental basis.

Introductory and developmental sessions available
Learn all about identifying and minimising risk
Develop an understanding of the snowpack and the factors that influence it
Practice using a transceiver, shovel and probe in a safe environment
Experience the best lift accessible off-piste runs in the 3 Vallées

4 Hour Private Off-piste Session

  • Suitable for strong intermediate and advanced skiers.
  • Perfect for an introductory session.
  • Assistance with sourcing correct safety equipment (rental charge will apply).
  • Maximum of 3 per group.

All Day Private Off-piste Session

  • Recommended for more experienced skiers.
  • Ideal for those looking to do a longer route.
  • Suitable for strong intermediate and advanced skiers.
  • Assistance with sourcing correct safety equipment (rental charge will apply).
  • Maximum of 4 per group.

NB All off-piste session are snow and weather dependent. They are subject to a strict risk assessment procedure and due to the nature of the activity, can be cancelled at short notice. In this event our usual booking terms and conditions apply.

*Please add 12.5% during peak periods.

**Please note that our prices are set in Euros but that all payments (unless requested otherwise) will be processed in Sterling. This will be calculated at the prevailing BOE spot rate at the time of booking. The Sterling prices quoted above are therefore indicative only and will vary in line with currency fluctuations.

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