Quality Charter

Our commitment to our Quality Charter is at the heart of everything we do. This was written and agreed upon by all of our instructors.

1. Safety is always our number one priority.

It goes without saying. You may be taking a lesson yourself or have trusted us with your children. It is essential that we act in a responsible and safe way so that we minimise the risk of injury to yourself and others. Accidents are an anticipated feature of all physical activities but we can act in a manner that will help reduce the chance of them occurring.

2. Our Ski School will always offer advice and suggestions around the best ski lessons for your needs and requirements. If we are unable to provide this we will happily suggest alternative schools.

Thereʼs just no point putting a level 3 skier in a level 2 group just for the sake of making a sale. By refusing to do things like that it helps us keep our sessions operating well and ensures our clients get the best value for money. If you leave happy, having received what you wanted, you are more likely to return to us in the future and hopefully tell others about
your experience.

3. When we say weʼll get back to you we will do just that. If we canʼt do it within the agreed timescale weʼll let you know and keep you informed along the way.

Youʼre time and custom is valuable. Weʼve all been in a situation were somebody has said they will “get back to you” but never did. We all lead busy lives and have been messed about before, itʼs just not on. The ski industry is a competitive place and if we start off on the wrong foot youʼre more than likely to go to one of our competitors.

4. Your interests (and not that of the instructor) are always at the centre of anything we do within a lesson environment.

We do this job because we love to see people enjoy themselves. Our instructors understand that our clients are all motivated by different things and what is right for one person my not be right for another. Our instructor is only part of setting the agenda by offering advice, encouragement and working with you to determine what we do.

5. We will be open to feedback and take any suggestions you may have on board. In the event of any criticism of our products or staff we will contact you and discuss them fully.

It makes sense to listen to our customers as their interpretation of something could help us improve our school. Grievances do occur and are often the result of a simple misunderstanding so it is better to create an open environment were we can talk about these rather than let issues fester. We believe that by doing this we can all end up in a better place.

6. All people within our lessons and regardless of their ability will be treated with dignity and respect.

We all have differing skills and talents, we all learn in different ways and at differing rates and we all are all different physically and emotionally. Regardless of these differences everybody should have an equal opportunity to partake and never be made to feel ill at ease or unwelcome. We have various options in the event of groups diverging and we will
be honest and open when discussing these.

7. Our ski instructors will keep up-to-date with developments within the ski industry so that our products remain current and offer full value for money.

Snowsports are evolving faster than ever before and access to new and innovative technical and teaching methods are more accessible than ever before. We aim to be ahead of the curve so that our clients have the best lessons available in the market place.

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