Intermediate Ski Lessons

Writen by Lindsay.

An intermediate skier is a term that encapsulates a wide variety of abilities and as a general rule refers to someone who has progressed from the beginner slopes and is now able to ski blue runs comfortably and aspires to ski red slopes with the same degree of control. However every intermediate skier will almost certainly ski with different styles and have their own reasons for taking a ski lesson.

It is therefore very important that you book an intermediate ski lesson with a ski instructor who will take the time at the start of the session to listen and get to know you so they fully understand what you would need and what you would like to achieve from the lesson.

This goal setting process will be guided by your instructor’s professional expertise and it ensures that you continue to develop as a skier so that your skiing is taken to the next level.

At Sweet Snowsports, our approach makes skiing simple to understand and gives you all the tools you need to ski all conditions with confidence. Our intermediate ski lessons will help you make rounder more effortless turns and we will teach you how to find more control on the steeper slopes so that you can go out and enjoy yourself!

Many intermediate skiers feel as if they lose control on steeper slopes and get frustrated as they know what they should be doing in these conditions but are unable to do it. As a result they revert to survival techniques and any sense of fun or accomplishment is lost. All of our ski instructors will help you understand not only what you should be doing but why you should be doing it. They will support you and help you develop the confidence to change your technique and decision making.

For those intermediate skiers who feel as if they perform well when skiing on immaculately groomed pistes but would like to ski better when the snow gets deeper or the slopes get bumpy then a ski lesson can really assist you by developing your tactical approach. Many skiers fail to identify that just like in any other sport, tactics play a major part in a person’s performance. A simple change in the choice of the line you take can often revolutionise your performance and will result in a more relaxed skiing style. After a little bit of practice and encouragement you will quickly see an improvement and you will join the thousands of other skiers who actively seek out the trickier slopes rather than spending your day avoiding them.

Sweet Snowsports have been providing ski lessons across the 3 Valleys since 2009 and we take great pride in what we do. Have a look over our ski levels guide to find out what level you are or else drop us a line or complete the enquiry form below to book your next ski lesson with us.

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