3 Simple Ski Holiday Tips

Writen by Lindsay.

School holidays are always a busy time on the slopes, follow our 3 simple ski holiday tips to make your time safer and more enjoyable. 

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Tip 1: When you are skiing down the slope think of it being like a motorway or a freeway, if you imagine that the slope has lanes, try and pick a lane and stick to it. If you ski with rhythm in that lane it will mean that you are more predictable to other skiers on the slope and you’ll have less people in your way or trying to overtake you.

Tip 2: If you are having to ski a narrow track especially in the afternoon and that track has bends, try and hang to the outside of the track as you go around the corner. You’ll find that’s where the softer snow will be pushed and you’ll be to find a lot more grip. Usually the insides of the corners always get brushed off and become icy.

Tip 3: Think about following the skiway code. Take a moment to think about where you stop on the slope, try to stop at the side. Think about looking up the hill before you set off. This will keep you a lot safer on the hill and hopefully make for a better holiday.

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