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Writen by Jason Gibson.

The new Sweet Snowsports website is now up and running and there have been some exciting changes over the summer including the arrival of 2 new coaches to the team and the expansion of the School to Meribel and La Tania.

5 in a group plus your coach – would you want more?…..

With this, we have a fantastic new product line-up that includes the addition of our Morning Workshops. These unique sessions have been developed in response to our customer feedback for a clinic style lesson in the mornings with a super flexible format. What makes our workshops so different? Well firstly there is a maximum of 5 in any group so loads more input and ‘you time’. Secondly, they last for 3 hours rather than the traditional 2. This gives much more time to learn on the move and really develop within the lesson.  Finally, the sessions run over 2 mornings with a day in between so that you have plenty of practice time to work on your new skills at your own pace. This is the format we have always wanted to teach and at last you have the choice.

All of our lesson formats provide great value and you can be assured that you will have only the best coaching from British qualified instructors.

We will also be keeping you up to date in the run up to and throughout the season via our news feeds. You can join us on our facebook page and follow us on twitter to ensure that you don’t miss out on what’s going on at Sweet!

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