Runs not to be missed in Meribel

Writen by Lindsay.

We often get asked what are our favourite runs in the 3 Vallées are and although it depends on many factors including the time of year and prevailing snow conditions, we definitely have a few that we like more than most.  We have started by putting together the following list of runs that for a varying number of reasons you will always find us skiing in Meribel.

Altiport (Green) The Altiport (Blanchot) run in Meribel is accessed from the village by the 2 stage Rhodos bubble lift and delivers some of the most playful terrain that you will find in any ski resort.  The main run down is wide and open as it undulates across parts of a snow covered golf course.  There are lots of different lines to ski, which is great for novices and more advanced skiers alike, and enables you to let your skis run and gain in confidence.  Off to the side of the main slope are the Inuits and the Moon Wild pistes which are particularly suited to children, who will want to stop off and explore the specially created features.

Combe Laitelet (Blue)

This is a run that is often overlooked by many as they ski from the top of the Tougnette gondola down towards Mottaret.  It sits just to your left as you approach the flat section behind the Mottaret apartment buildings and winds its way down through the trees before joining up with the Truite piste.  As it is tucked away from the main flow of traffic it is always quiet and therefore the snow often remains in better condition than on the more popular pistes such as Lièvre and Faon, which also sit on this side of the mountain.

Mont Vallon (Red)

mont-vallonThe fabled Mont Vallon takes you to the highest point in the Meribel Vallée (2952m) and the views from the top do not disappoint as you look across the splendid Parc National De La Vanoise.  There are two pistes that run from the top Campagnol (skiers left) and our favourite Combe du Vallon (skiers right).  This piste seems to go on forever as you descend over 1000 vertical metres, and if you manage to time it right and get on the first lift each day, you will feel as if you are the only person on the entire mountain.  Beware that as the day goes on the pistes become busier and each run does bump up, especially towards the top, which can add significantly to the degree of difficulty, and the energy required to ski it.

Bartavelle (Black)

This run is accessed from the twin button lift bartavelleRoc de Tougne and is where you can find the serious mogul skiers hanging out.  Left to bump up over the course of the season, the moguls here can be huge and challenge the most experienced of skiers, who aim to ski as direct a line as possible.  Over to your right you will often see the professionals training and throwing what can only be described as gravity-defying aerials before landing and continuing their high speed descents of one of France’s best bumps runs.

If you would like to ski these and many more slopes, Sweet Snowsports offers ski lessons and guided tours throughout the 3 Vallées.  All our ski instructors are native English speakers and are qualified to the highest European level.

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