Children’s Levels

It is always difficult to describe the precise level that your children ski at so we have put together these level descriptions to help you decide which group you should book your child into. We encourage you to look at them closely and not just base your decision on how fast they can travel in a straight line!

It is not an exact science and we are very aware that there are many factors that can affect your child’s skiing performance and we welcome any further information that you think will help us to do a better job.

A maximum class size of 6- more individual attention guaranteed
A guaranteed native-English speaking instructor- no communication barriers
Complimentary drinks and snacks provided each day- no need to waste skiing time in expensive mountain restaurants
Snowlife badge- set realistic goals and track the progress of your children

Beginner Snow Rangers

You’ve never skied before or possibly tried skiing once on an artificial slope.

“I want my first skiing experience to be in a fun and friendly environment that is full of new adventures and new friends and leaves me excited for the next lesson.”

Our aim is to make sure that every child that starts their skiing journey with us starts in the right way, setting them up for success not only in their first holiday but more importantly for the rest of their skiing life. We aim to not only teach your children how to ski but also to help you become part of this fun journey as well.

Green/Blue Mountain Explorers

You have skied for at least one full week. You may have skied more and enjoy exploring the green and blue slopes.

“At the end of my last holiday I was happily linking turns together down a green run or possibly even an easy blue. I pretty much always ski in a snowplough when turning but every now and then my ski’s may go parallel at the end of a turn although I have no idea how I do it.”

Our aim for this level is to give the children the skills needed to ski more of the mountain. We will look more at the idea of controlling our speed through turn shape and prove to the kids that they don’t need to hang on to the snowplough. Their skis will then naturally start to become more parallel.

Blue/Red Trail Blazers

You have skied for quite a few weeks now, at least 3 but probably more.

“I like making different sized turns and my skis are pretty much parallel on a blue run, when I think about it. I find red runs a challenge but can survive them if the conditions are good and I’m feeling brave. When I’m challenged I normally revert back to a bit of a snowplough.”

The aim of this group is to ski steeper slopes and to ski fully parallel everywhere. We will also look to challenge you by venturing into more off-piste terrain. You are comfortable skiing with poles and will start learning how to use them.

Red/Black Hotshots

You have definitely skied more than 4 weeks and prefer to ski steeper slopes.

“I know how to ski in all snow conditions, and can control my speed on red and black slopes even when the snow isn’t perfect. I can make shorter turns and use the edges on my skis.” I like being pushed hard and challenged.”

This group is for children you probably struggle to keep up with. We will teach this group through challenging them with harder terrain and tricks. We will also venture into the park to try our hand at a bit of free style if they wish.

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