What would Les do with €100k and 2 winters to absorb it?

Writen by Lindsay.

Les skiing
Les Ward – Sweet Snowsports Ski Instructor

We asked Les Ward, one of our team, to spend some time considering a fantasy 2 season €100k ski trip extravaganza, here is what he came up with:

His trip starts in Europe, Italy specifically, Cortina d’Ampezzo exactly.  This resort has one of the greatest downhill courses on the FIS calendar, Les wants to nail every gate on the way down. Next stop is Andermatt for a different reason – the off-piste, huge amounts of it and no shortage of fresh tracks to be had.  Heading North to Austria, one pitch, one day, North Face of the Valluga – a must he says (he mentioned something about a Helicopter too), before heading back to an area comparatively much closer to home.

La Grave is probably one of the most rustic ski resorts you’ll find in Western Europe, unlike pretty much every other ski area, it is owned by the town. La Grave has a charm that is just so honest, the lifts are as old as you’ll find anywhere the gondola has battery powered radio’s with gaffa tape over the frequency selector, just so the lift operator can let you know how long the lift will be stopped for! But most of all, there isn’t a piste basher in sight. This is an off-piste skiers must.

Les kicks off his second season with a trip to Canada for some Heli-skiing in the Bugaboos. He’d better hurry up and book though, they only have 4 weeks left un-sold!

Back home after Canada and just because he can, a catch up with his pals and skiing his regular lines, Courchevel is next on the list, not just because it is home for Les but because it’s ace!

funny-credit-cardThis will of course be a brief visit because to finish off Alaska and the mostly unchartered Greenland will be the destinations responsible for swallowing the last segment of Les’s 100K – assuming he hasn’t spent it already.

Apparently, the bag is packed, has anyone seen my credit card?

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