What to do with your old ski kit

Writen by Mark Birch.

The end of every season sees lots of old skis, boots, poles and clothing stacked up next to ornate wooden rubbish bin huts in Courchevel and Meribel. Equipment of varying vintage decorates the pavement. Where does it go? Probably land fill but not for me …

Ski Fence

Ski wall artI have driven past many a bin wondering how this can be up-cycled in to something useful again, I have taken inspiration from ideas seen elsewhere and created a fence for my garden, a coat rack and have another couple of projects in the making, one of which is balustrade with ski pole spindles.

Ski bindings coat rackHow about growing your herbs in old ski boot shells? It appears that there is actually plenty that can be done with this old hard-wear.

Straight skis are back in fashion – FACT. But not for skiing on! As with many trends of late, retro is cool and old straight skis have now gained decorative status, furnishing the walls of chalets throughout the ski resorts of the world.

But what about the clothing? It’s not quite gained cool status yet in the most part, but wait a little longer and it may just happen. The last few years have seen a renaissance in 70’s style padded, fitted ski jackets, genuine originals are starting to command good money on ebay!

What about the bin liners full of 80’s fluro’ one pieces? – Patch-work quilt I say! They also seem to be popular stag do attire.

So next time you clear out your loft or chalet, give your old kit a second look, some innovative up-cycling could add a unique skiing themed “je ne sais quoi” to your home or ski pad.

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