Jason’s Skiing Bucket List

Writen by Lindsay.

We’re a busy team here at Sweet Snowsports and when we are not running ski lessons, we’re thinking about other epic adventures we should do to add to our legendary bag of stories.

Most of you already know Jason, but did you know that these are some of the things on his bucket list?

Spend a week exploring the little known New Zealand club fields in a pimped out Campervan

For those of you that have never heard of the Canterbury club fields or maybe even that you can ski down there. These are really small, club run ski areas that are about as raw as a ski area gets. A true club field only has one type of lift and that lift would be a tractor powered homemade rope tow. These are a far removed version of your beginner slope rope tows that you might see in Europe or North America. These rope tows go up super steep slopes and you attach yourself to the rope with a device called a nut cracker which you wear on a modified climbing harness. There are no groomed slopes and the rental equipment looks like it should be combined with a fluorescent 1980’s onesie.

Exploring South American ski areas

I have always wanted to get down to South America to explore this amazing continent and to explore the ski regions of Argentina and Chile. Did you know that the next ISIA interski congress (gathering of the worlds instructors organisations) will be taking place in Ushia that is located at the southern tip of Argentina as is the worlds most southerly ski resort?

Skiing down the sand dunes of Southern Africa

Having been a creature of the winter months for so many years this looks like an amazing way to combine my love of skiing with allowing my body to create some vitamin D.

sand dune skiing
Photo credit: Ski Namibia

Off piste skiing in the Himalayas

Gulmarg is a little village situated in the northern Indian state of Kashmir on the western side of the Himalayas. I have seen and heard about this place and it sounds like a ‘must do’ before it changes. It’s meant to be a truly raw experience with some amazing terrain combined with a rich history and culture.

And finally ……….

This short film is called ‘After Glow’ and contains footage of skiing at night in the deep powder of Canada and Alaska. The film shows two skiers ski down the mountains covered in LED lights from head to toe. Not only is it a beautiful piece of film making but it is a once in a lifetime experience that could never be forgotten.

[vsw id=”108679594″ source=”vimeo” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]


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